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  1. Rick Rogers says:

    I need help to restore my marriage I lost the love of my life which hurts to talk about can you reach out and help me.

  2. I really liked what you said about how it helps to seek marriage counseling early instead of living in unhappiness for too long. My older sister and her husband are having issues with their marriage and she’s hoping to go to marriage counseling to save it before they go to divorce. Thank you for the information about how she shouldn’t wait any longer and get going to help herself.

  3. I love how you mentioned that marriage counseling can be hard work, as bad habits need to be unlearned. My cousin is actually having a really hard time with his wife, so he may want to go to counseling. What tips do you have for choosing a great marriage counselor to help him?

  4. According to recent survey, most of the marriages nowadays are getting failure due to different reasons. This happens because of stress, anxiety, depression, work pressure, lack of communication and so on. One of the most advantageous ways of saving a marriage life is by consulting with a reputed therapist. By reading this article, I found that there really numerous benefits of therapy and counselling. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.

  5. very informative article. Thanx for sharing this to those who want to marry with someone special. It’s good to be married but it’s better to be sure about marriage. I am Dr. Robert Puff (Ph.D.). I am a marriage counselor in Newport Beach. Contact us for any query regarding counseling at 714-337-4889

  6. I like how attending a marriage counseling can help you develop new ways of communicating with your significant other as well as changing your point of view of things. My aunt told me that she was thinking of making her relationship better because she has lost her relationship with her family because of work. I’m going to let her know about finding a Christian counselor to help her.

  7. I like what you said about learning how to communicate better as a result of marriage counseling. My brother has been telling me about how he and his wife struggle to talk to one another effectively. I’ll share this information with him so that he can look into their options for counseling.

  8. I found it interesting when you talked about how visiting a marriage counselor can help you learn how you need to change. My sister and her husband have been getting into a lot of arguments lately, and I am starting to worry about them. I think it would be a good idea for them to find a health clinic that offers marital counseling.

  9. I never consider the fact that marriage counseling can help you develop new ways of communicating with your spouse. My wife was telling me that our neighbors have been considering to get divorced. We will speak to them about consulting with a couple’s therapist to help their marriage.

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